400 BC

590 BC


40 AD
400 B.C. 400 B.C.

Hairstyles are an indication of the long history of man's status as a modern creature. Many of the problems and themes of today were already in existence thousands of years ago, and have not changed. The images of men and women from the recent past, show that they are not so different from ourselves. Women desired ornate hairstyles which made statements about their status and authority, while the common women found the means, without the assistance of beauty attendants, to create hairstyles that could be attractive. The young debutante, the young daughter of the lord or merchant, still had to attend parties where she would be displayed to potential suiters. Seen from a distance, her hairstyle was as important as her gown. She became a favorite to represent in the art of the time. 15hqqy.

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