40 AD

400 BC


100 AD
40 A.D. 40 A.D.
Pompeii - a writer
35 A.D.
Roman cameo

The first hairstyle here is on a woman writer from Pompeii as shown on a wall fresco. She is perhaps one of the more feminine images from a time when women were mostly portrayed in cold stone or coinage. She is neither a goddess nor warrior, nor a powerful political figure. A sensitive and thoughtful artist, she is a strong indicator of what the common woman two thousand years ago could be like. A stylus and tablet in her hand, she can only be dreaming of events beyond her profession and calling, and one wonders what she is thinking about. The style is modern and distinctive, while at the same time simple and attractive. Only the ravages of time, including the eruption of a volcano, have dared to obscure her visage and deny her existence.

The second hairstyle is that of a woman warrior from 15 - 35 AD.

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