100 AD

40 AD


100 A.D.
Ancient Roman Woman

Roman women were likely far more feminine than the artists of the time portrayed. They were required to be as strong and important as their male counterparts. At the same time, their feminine nature was important. They often look stern, and cold and thoughtful, yet the hairstyles betray a concern about their appearance. Where men's styles are ragged and unkempt, woman's styles are ornate and orderly. They lack the cuteness that we are accustomed to in modern times, with no sign of curls or braids, but often that was a result of the medium in which the artist had to work. An orderly hairstyle was more suitable to marble and coinage. One expects, the less authoritarian female could be a coy companion, and that her hairstyle and presence would equally represent her character. 15hqqy.

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