1623 hair
Elizabeth of Bohemia by Michiel Jansv van Miereveldt.

Elizabeth of Bohemia was the eldest daughter of King James the First of England. A studious woman, who never married, she was an expert in classical languages. It was due to poverty that she gave up all thoughts of marriage, but her interests in the state of the human soul and philosophy in general, eventually caused her to become a correspondent to Descartes, after the philosopher had heard of Elizabeth's interest in his book, Meditations on First Philosophy. Eventually, Elizabeth entered a Protestant convent where she served as an assistant to the abbess, then became an abbess herself. Her styles of dress and hair varied greatly, and she was often represented by artists of the time as a heroic or mythological being, including Diana the Huntress. She was no power-hungry politician, but a thoughtful and caring intellectual. 15hqqy.

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