1715 hair
Rosalba Carriera, painter

Rosalba Carriera was a Venetian artist who produced portrait miniatures early on in her career, then was later known for her pastel works. She painted miniatures for snuff boxes for the tourist trade to such proclaim that she was unable to keep up with the demand. She was also popular as portrait artist. During a trip to Paris, she was asked to paint portraits of the King and other royalty. Among the hundreds of portraits she completed, Rosabla produced a number of self-portraits, including the painting on this page. Despite her skill, which would place her in the class of a tradeswoman, she displays a hairdo that is worthy of a noblewoman. The brightness and happiness is embodied in the work, at a time when other artists chose darker and austere backgrounds. Her works are lively, friendly, and comforting. A technical expert, she captured the essence of patterns and textures, recreating everything from lace, to furs, jewels, hair,and skin, which delighted and impressed her many patrons throughout her career. 15hqqy.

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