1784 hair
Marie Antoinette holding a Rose by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun

Madame Pecoul, by French artist Jacques-Louis David

Marie Antoinette was one of the most famous French women of all times, perhaps even more famous than the King himself. A woman of authority by her amorous association with the King, her portrait demonstrates her importance. The hair is in the style of the court of the time, both large and accompanied by attachments. At a time when wigs were prevalent for both men and women, many women maintained an edge by often displaying their own hair. Where wigs could be styled and prepared in advance by servants for the many functions demanded of a royal schedule, an event such as a sitting for a portrait virtually demanded that the hairstyle be both fabulous and real. The second portrait shows Madame Charles-Pierre Pecoul, the aristocratic relative of the artist, Jacques-Louis David. The upper classes emulated royalty mixing their own hair with wigs for that image of grandness. 15hqqy.

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