1865 hair
Portrait of Jo (the Beautiful Irish girl), by Gustave Courbet

When access to a hairstylist is difficult, it can often be unnecessary, especially when the hair is wild and free and red. Painted by the innovative Realism artist, Gustave Courbet, the subject appears to be contemplating what she can do with her hair. She is probably unhappy with her blessed mane, not realizing that many women would kill for such a healthy attractive growth of hair.

Gustave Courbet, an important artist of the nineteenth century was able to accurately portray ordinary citizens, including in this example, a painting of Joanna Hiffernan (La belle Irlandaise, or, the Beautiful Irish girl). His impressive realistic style brought Courbet considerable notoriety, which only increased years later when his subsequent erotic subjects disturbed the critics and were banned from public display. 15hqqy.

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