1912 hair

This classic Edwardian style of hair is representative of women's hairstyles of the age. It was a romantic look in a romantic time and highly desirable. As the wearers aged, and as less than qualified hairstylists attempted to reproduce the look on simpler women, it became associated with grandmothers. The look quickly aged, and was a bit difficult to maintain, but it is a rare and beautiful thing when done properly on the correct subject. The fullness of the hairstyle generated the image of health as well as beauty. It was the Edwardian version of the "big hair" of five decades later. Part of the reason for its decline was that this was not a hairstyle that you could sleep in, then reconstruct with ease each morning, certainly not by yourself. This was a community affair, requiring friends who were willing to assist you, in the absence of a professional hairstylist, who could not be hired on a daily basis. 15hqqy.

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