1913 hair

This wavy hairstyle was the young woman's delight. It separated the generations, as it was not suitable for an older woman. It was fresh and sassy, a precursor of the roaring twenties when hairstyles hit the roof. The waves were for the maturer woman; gone are the curls of the little girl. It was an age when many women were breaking free from the shackles of their gender, when they were not expected to attend advanced schools of learning nor to compete on the International stage in politics and athletics. But that's exactly what they were doing. This was the modern woman, emerging from the Victorian age. She was leaving the darkness of her parent's age of mourning for a lost loved one, and she was allowed to be girlish as she matured. She could wear make-up and bare her shoulders, and all beneath the tolerant eyes of her parents and guardians, and much to the delight of the youthful young suitors who were about to enter one of the worst periods of history -- when men were destroyed in the thousands on the battlefields of Europe. A delightful and attractive fiance or loved one was needed to raise the spirits of a generation. 15hqqy.

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