1914 hair

Throughout the ages, any age, and any culture, long straight hair was a symbol of youth. The girl who did not cut her hair as she grew up, was a girl who was refusing to grow older. The decision to cut the hair represented a new state, moving from family to school, from school to employment, from single status to wanting to become married. Sometimes the long-haired youth emerged into the long-haired woman. The hair could always be handled in numerous ways, by braiding, uplifting, or simply allowed to be hung abundantly over the shoulders and down the back. Long hair meant abundance, health, and fertility. The only time it became a problem, was when she had to enter the working world, where it could then become caught amongst the machinery. It also became a resource that was immensely time consuming. To maintain its healthy glow required considerable time in washing and combing. The image of the woman combing her long tresses before the mirror as she daydreamed about her future was a feature of the days before home entertainment began to instill new thoughts into her mind. She was no longer the lonely book reader, nor the whispering romantic, but was a member of the growing audience of both radio, and eventually television. The long-haired woman was a romantic, and from the look on this model's face, she was liberated and yearning in many ways. 15hqqy.

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