1915 hair

At last the long-haired youth has cut and styled her hair, and wants to be a mature woman. This style was to be characteristic of the twentieth century, combining both the shortness of a convenient lifestyle (convenient to the working woman and the busy mother in a technological age), and the soft and fluffy mane of the woman who wanted to be touched. The women with hair that was too short, like that of men, did not want to be touched by anyone. The girl pictured here for the romantic postcard is a girl-next-door beauty that any young man growing up would want to have with him as he fought in the trenches of Europe. He wanted his fellow soldiers to know that he was wanted back home, by a loving gentle girl who cared for him enough to be willing to await his return. Many of them did not return. The traveling soldier in foreign lands during The Great War was apt to purchase a postcard like this to remind him of who was back home waiting. The hairstyle of this girl-next-door was the style created for the romantic. It was neither austere nor frivolous, nor did it evoke thoughts of a plain Jane. Its dimensions were correct in every way. This was the girl the boy wanted to kiss, and to write home to, and to receive a letter from. 15hqqy.

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