1916 hair

The gypsy was the romantic image for the men who felt like prisoners of their time. They were subject to conscription for a war that appeared to have no end or they were doomed to work in low-paying factory jobs. The life of the artist and vagabond could only be pleasurable if accompanied by the vagabond woman. The laughing, dancing, free from responsibility gypsy. Her hair was long and curly and as wild as she was. It was an image chosen by those women who desperately wanted to catch a man, and who had not cut their hair yet. With the deprivations of a long and terrible war, a great tension was building that would eventually explode into a celebration at war's end last for more than a decade. Here we have a model composed for the postcard market to capture that image of the wild and free woman. It is a style that has appeared throughout each century, and will continue to appear at intervals. 15hqqy.

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