1922 hair

Into the Roaring Twenties we go, when the "War to end all wars" has ended and when life is fancy and free. Well, not exactly. In the United States prohibition is the controlling force, and the importation of illegal alcohol has been combined with the speakeasy nightclub and high-stepping jazz enthusiasts. Hair is short and cute, makeup is heavy, and there is a clear distinction between the new woman of the age and the dour matrons of the earlier era. Girls are squeaky-voiced and they all secretly smoke cigarettes when their parents aren't looking. The decade would be characterized by many hairstyles from the vamp to the flapper. Straight, short bobs were the rage; otherwise, you settled on a curly style, that was sported by the movies stars of a burgeoning entertainment industry. Even the cartoons were with it with a the demure but erotic Betty Boop. 15hqqy.

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