1925 hair

Here is our flapper with the short, wavy hairstyle. Life is bright and colorful and beautiful, and very active for women in all pursuits. They are actresses, working women, and investors. Eventually the end of the decade would see the financial disaster that would be followed quickly by the depression and the dust bowl of the midwest. Life was about to be short and sweet as long as the Roaring Twenties continued to roar. Our model has the big eyes and small mouth of a child, the makeup defining the definition of childlike youthfulness. This image would be captured once again half a century later when Japanese Anime churned out a factory-load of cartoon characters who all looked like children, with big eyes, small mouths, and pointed chins. The 1920s were the first decade to explore the theme of the adult who was like a child. Hairstyles were short and very wavy or curly. Shirley Temple defined the junior ages, Louise Brooks defined the bob-haired style, and Theda Bara captured the vamp-look, much of which had been influenced by the excitement of the finds in Egypt. Girls wanted to look young. The example here is rather reserved and proper for the era. 15hqqy.

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