1928 hair

Like our 1925 beauty, the model here captures the elements of the woman child, characteristic of the Roaring Twenties. Here, you can see how the lipstick created a small mouth, while the eye makeup and rosy cheeks completed the look. The hairstyle was short and wavy throughout, with no hint of the grandmotherly updos of the earlier years. Often there would be a Flapper hat, influenced by the King Tut discoveries and what was expected to be the Egyptian influence. The definition of the woman's beauty has been reduced to a small circle, that of her visage from her chin to her hairline and cheek to cheek. What had happened was the advent of the moving picture and a new technique called the close-up. On a big screen on Saturday night, you could witness your favorite actress, her face filling the screen, and with her face she expressed her sense of romance and mystery. Now any women could explore the romantic image of the Twenties. But she still had to work for a living, and the working woman was more comfortable with a shorter hairstyle, as it was easier to manage, and less likely to become entangled in machinery. But she wanted it wavy and curly for a single purpose: because that was the soft fluffy look that was most appealing to the large hand of an attractive boy who would take her hair in his hand and kiss her. It was hair that was meant to be touched. 15hqqy.

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