1933 hair

This 1930s look is of a woman who lives in a time of economic depression. Hair is simple, less exciting, and barely competes with the face. The expression is that of the world-weary woman. Men ride the rails looking for work, the weather of the midwest has destroyed the crops, the wind blows away the topsoil, and everyone must work, doing whatever they can just to put food on the table. The times are not pleasant. The color has vanished in the lives of most of the citizens. Many years of deprivation are in order. The color is gone, but our mystery model still has the ability with a minimum of effort to effect an appearance that is youthful and soft. The extreme waves and curls of the Twenties have disappeared, for those were the effects of the frivolous woman. This is a woman of backbone and substance, and just enough mystery to attract a suitor. On the horizon, there were new troubles brewing, and another war coming. Opportunities and finances were at a minimum, and like the pioneers of the nineteenth century, the woman of less means had to be resourceful and innovative to maintain her edge. Her hairstyle is simple and easily brings out her commonsense prettiness. 15hqqy.

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