1948 hair

The European war was over, but there were still a few years of hard times left. The entertainment industry had yet to resurrect society. People were noble, saving money and buying bonds. Times were hard and resources were limited. A woman had to do her own hair. She could choose whatever style she wanted, but she was not so apt to be influenced by what the cinema was representing. Television was still on the horizon, and those luxurious technological gadgets that would characterize the next decade was just around the corner. Hairstyles needed to be simple and functional. The woman was often a working woman and the family had to be careful in order to make ends meet. Our 1948 woman has chosen a simple style. It is bright to show her optimism and slightly rounded to show her femininity, but there are no attachments and no attempt to try to fool nature by pretending that she is younger than she really is. She can be attractive in her simple hairstyle without exaggerating who she really is. 15hqqy.

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