1957 hair

Our fifties woman is proper, yet attempting to be stylish. Clothes and cars and hairstyles had entered a never-before-seen era, the era of space exploration. Rockets and satellites were going up, the music of the rock era was bursting over the airwaves, and technology had gone crazy, with amazing inventions. Kids were glued to the television sets, and during the family hour, people ate TV dinners, because they were watching variety shows and dramas. People became immensely aware of the universe in which they lived. It was no longer a small town life or even a big city life; you knew what the fashions from overseas were. You could see the styles and the changes taking place in an instant. If anything, hairstyles, like clothing came and went as fast as the Sack Dress and the Poodle Haircut. This 1950s woman is trying hard to be stylish, not realizing that what she chose could be out of vogue in an instant. She would know, because the many magazines she read would tell her so. She would see it immediately in the next issue of Life magazine, Look magazine, or Good Housekeeping. She wanted to be on the edge of innovation, but the edge was always changing rapidly, as a consumer world was being cultured and influenced by advertisers who knew that the modern woman had a disposable income that she had never had before, and was willing to spend some of it on her appearance. 15hqqy.

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