1961 hair

In the sixties, fashions were being propelled by the music world. Every teenager had a portable radio and would listen to their favorites groups and solo artists as much as humanly possible. Then they would buy their albums and imitate their styles. Once again fashions were promoting a cute look, with singers who were sweet and talented -- Brenda Lee, Little Peggy Marsh, even Teresa Brewer was still around from the Fifties. The hair was big and getting bigger. Styles were competing to escape the old looks that had inhabited the forties and fifties. It was a teenage-driven fashion world that saw hula hoops and The Twist taking center stage. Our big-haired fashion bunny is a teenage high school Queen. Forty years later, the teen Princesses would be leading the revolution again, but here in the sixties, they were pure and intelligent -- no sleazy bimbos prancing around in contrived dance routines showing their belly buttons. The hairstyle showed the fullness of the young woman's femininity and fertility. This was a healthy, happy generation that had possessions and medical facilities that were making them all grow bigger and stronger. Dark clouds on the horizon were still a few decades away. 15hqqy.

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