1962 hair

Our Sixties model sports a version of the Flip hairstyle which lasted throughout the decade. Hairstyles of this nature were being invented by boardroom designers, passed on to the fashion models, taken up by the musical stars, and from there imitated by the fans. It was a generation in which the family had enough disposal income that non-working members like the high school students could visit hairstylists and adopt innovative looks, if only for their annual High School photograph or the annual prom. The look had to be good all year round -- good enough for classes, the Yearbook, and in many cases, even the prom itself, though for the latter event, it would be a new look for her. The Flip combined the curl of the little girl, an influence borrowed from as far back as the Flapper and Shirley Temple days. It usually had the high center that was more a result of an increase in blow dryers and hairspray, and the necessity from an advertising-driven society to buy more products to add to one's beauty arsenal. Pity the poor student who's parents could not compete. She had to avoid a stylish look by wearing her hair long and straight or just rely upon her natural curls. 15hqqy.

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