1970 hair

Big hair lasted into the early seventies because it could accomplish the desired effect. The flipped ends have diminished while the bigness has taken over center stage. It was the girl groups who did it best, appearing in threes, and exciting their fans. With the many inventions and beauty aids, a girl could do it all herself. She didn't need a difficult or contrived look manufactured in a beauty parlor. That would use up too much allowance. As long as she had enough hair, she just had to have it cleaned, styled, stuck together, and blow dried. It would hold for a week. Any little girl looked far more mature than her real age, without having to borrow from previous generations. All of the old looks were worn by mothers and grandmothers, and none of them were suitable to a generation that wanted their own hairstyle. This was the generation that had to be different. They marched against wars to demonstrate their unity, but when it came to their appearance, individuality was taking over. The Hippies went a bit too far, because that was a culture that adopted chemicals, and the level-headed student, still had enough sense to know what was the best for her future and her health. 15hqqy.

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