1990 hair

With hairstyles, you can do anything you want. As the need to compete for bigger, better, greater, more in-your-face, the fashion world began to display oddities. Nobody that you know personally would wear an oddity, though in many cases, certain groups began to sport oddities in both fashion and hair. Such groups were the revolutionaries and the dissatisfied. It was basically a case of trying to get more attention than the person next to you. It didn't have to be beautiful in any way shape or form, it just had to be outstandingly different. The style shown here is simply an "I am being different" style. Unlike the Goths or the Punks of the current era, or the Rockers and Mods of the Sixties, you didn't have to symbolize anything or stand for anything. The style portrayed here is more art than fashion, and it certainly wouldn't go over well with anyone attending a theatre, as the people sitting behind might not be happy with an obstructed vision. It only goes to prove that innovation has not ended, originality is still possible, and you don't have to keep recycling the same old hair dos century after century. But what is practical and reasonable when it comes to hairstyles is another matter. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish, what resources you have, and whether or not you intend to maintain your brand new hairstyle. Is it commonsense or just foolishness? 15hqqy.

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