2003 hair

This beautiful hairstyle from 2003 proves that it is possible to be different, and yet to be appealingly attractive. Some basic structures are involved here with the feminine length and the mysterious bangs. The image suggested by a professional hairstyle of the new millenium is personal. The model does not represent an age or an opinion, but instead, she projects her inner being. She is cute, modern, intelligent and has a secret or two. She is desirable to anyone encountering her, yet from a distance she maintains enough reserve that she will not be swarmed by the boorish. She has style and elegance. She could wear her hair just as easily at a high school graduation or a dinner theatre presentation. She could be a member of the audience or a participant in an awards ceremony. The hairstyle is a combination of cut and coloring and hold. It is manageable and long-lasting. This hairstyle is a winner for anyone of any age of any ethnic background. 15hqqy.

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