1360 BC
2004 hair

Just when the fashion and beauty world believed that there could be nothing new under the sun as far as hairstyles were concerned, along came The Shag. It usually suits a certain kind of face and demeanor. You can't be too old for this one. Gone are the difficult curls. We have a woman warrior of the modern age. She can do a lot of things to this hairstyle without ruining it. Length is important and bangs are important, and if there is any thought of where the style came from, it was probably an outgrowth of spiky-haired Japanese anime cartoon characters. The look is heroic and athletic. You can afford to run a Marathon in a Shag, and still look as natural as if it had been designed for such an event. Keep it clean and maintain the length and the sharp points and this will be a long enduring hairstyle. It will outlast many of the other styles because of its natural beauty. 15hqqy.

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