Big Hair

  big hair  

From time to time big hair tries to make a comeback, but all attempts do not match what used to be in the fifties and the sixties. Some stars like Jessica Simpson and Angelina Jolie will have long or full hair, emphasizing luxurious volume and the bounce and movement that can only come with cascading curls. The big hair of the sixties was neat and together and very round, whereas most modern hair-dos have that alluring look of having been mussed in the back seat of a car. When it's time to try the big hair look, then it's time to put the hair straightener away and bring out the trusty blow dryer.


Decide if you want the warm hair look - with auburn, golds and coppers or the severe dark brunette and black, that is more suitable to shorter hair. Choose shampoos and conditioners that are designed to add fullness to each hair, especially useful if you are starting out with fine locks. Hold your head upside down as you blow-dry, aiming at the roots. Spray gel will help avoid the flyaway look, if you want to keep from looking like a hedge when the first big wind attacks your efforts. Then get some truly honest criticism of the results, especially if you are trying this for the first time.

big hair big hair big hair


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