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  blonde hair  

The Blonde is associated with youth and the vitality of youth. Young children have light colored hair, but regrettably there are associations of lack of brightness with the blonde, the most recent example being the delightful and charming American Idol contestant, Kelly, who didn't know the meaning of very common words.

On the opposite side are the many positive associations. Because blonde is often a matter of choice, the greatest challenge to the bearer of the locks will be to maintain the look right down to the roots all of the time. That should be your major consideration if you are considering switching to becoming a blonde. There are entertainment magazines that have dedicated space to celebrities who have become blonde but who haven't maintained the look, and as a result they have shown up at significant functions with their untreated roots revealing their true hair.

Every non-blonde, with the possible exception of redheads [who live in a unique and blessed world unto themselves] may want to try being a blonde for a while, if only to experience the reactions of those around them. There will be an increase in male attention; it goes with the territory. There will also be reactions from your peers, some of them not always positive. Your true friends will be supportive, and some who were thought of as friends, may think that you have taken a step beyond their level. If that happens, speak to them gently, and try to remind them that you are together for many positive reasons.


Avoid the extreme blonde looks if at all possible. The platinum blonde has a much different reputation than the strawberry blonde. Decide if you want the innocent look of the girl-child or the glitzy look of a Marilyn Monroe. Avoid the temptation to feel as if the look is not complete without additions - tattoos and facial jewelry. Remember that each step is essentially a statement of your being, and you can greatly impact the rest of your life with your actions. Do you want doors to open and romance to enter, or do you want to open Pandora's Box?

Be wise. Be careful. A gentle change to a moderate blonde color is an excellent first step. Have fun, take the plunge, but don't go overboard, unless you have an agenda on par with a celebrity.

blonde hair blonde hair blonde hair


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