After washing and conditioning your hair, comb first to remove tangles then blow-dry briefly to rid the tresses of excess moisture. Then it is time to add holding agents like mousse or gel, and a volumising tonic if desired. After pinning the hair and separating small sections on which to work, prepare to blow-dry and keep control with a styling brush. Starting on the back, position the brush beneath each section, tense the hair without pulling too hard, and brush toward the ends as the blow-dry nozzle follows the brush.

You may want to curl the brush under at the ends to achieve a bend. When each of the back sections is complete, repeat the process for the top sections. After completing the drying process, you may want to use a flexible hairspray to retain the shape. 15hqqs.

A few blow-drying tips: speed up the process by shaking your hair dry with your hand and the blow-dryer. Use clips to pin the top layers out of the way, so that you can begin on the undersides. It is important to completely dry each section before moving on, or your hair will return to an unfinished state. If you have a double crown, dry the hair in the opposite direction to what you intend, then dry it back the other way. In this way, the hair will stand up and cover the crowns. To complete the process and end up with a smooth finish, try to direct the blowdryer so that the air flows down along the hair toward the ends. This will smoothe the hair cuticles and add shine to the end results. Keep the filters on your blow-dryer clean. Once every few months a quick dry clean will help prevent a buildup of debris, so that the machine will not break down unexpectedly. This always happens when you're in a rush and can least afford the disruption.

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