For long hair, the easiest and most creative style to try is braids. There are many kinds, starting with the standard English style of three parts of equal size being crossed back and forth to form a braid as a ponytail. Popular for both young and old, make certain that you have the hair for the style that you have envisioned for yourself, unless you plan the more difficult creation of braids by using artificial hair.

Start with damp hair and small rubber bands to hold the braids in place. With more experience, you will be able to experiment with clips, barrettes and coated bands, and many other kinds of ornamentation, like colored threads to weave into each braid. As well as the English braid that can be completed by tucking the coil and securing to the back of the head into a chignon, there is the classic French braid which starts with three strands and rests flat against your head, being secured at the bottom. The Dutch braid, is like the English, except that the strands of equal size are crossed under one another, rather than over one another. 15hqqs.

For the accent braid, you create a single, thin braid which is positioned to one side of the head, a popular and simple creation for teenage girls. The princess braid is a form that has been popular for centuries for its feminine appearance and its removal from the back of the head, making it popular for working girls and dancers. Simply create the English braids on each side of the head, then coil them into circles and hold in place with pins.

Cornrows are a more recent trendy-style for African women, but their tightness places some stress on the hair and scalp.

The thin and oftentimes short pigtail has been popular with both men and women. A single stylish short tail kept the hair in place at the back during the eighteenth century for men and became part of their powdered wigs. For women and girls, a short, stiff set of pigtails, was used by girls on the farm who were busy with their chores, yet able to maintain a youthful and feminine appeal. It has been associated with innocence and a lack of sophistication.

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