The brunette has the color of the earth, and of warmth and motherhood. All brunettes project the image of stability and dependability. Where other colors initiate thoughts of fun (the blonde) and excitement and unpredictability (the redhead), the brunette generates an image of all that is calm and level-headed.

The brunette is serious and sophisticated, the darker the brown, the more sophisticated she becomes. Unlike the others who perhaps appear to be open books, the brunette's greatest attraction is her sense of mystery. She underscores this image by keeping quietly busy, and especially avoiding the chattiness of those attracted to intrigues. She is smart and confident, and if she has hazel eyes, will be all the more mysterious.


In studies of hair color and attraction, greater than 50 per cent of men surveyed, considered brunettes more attractive. They did not overdo their make-up or behavior, and they appeared to be more natural and authentic. Where their lighter-colored peers were often considered shallow and slightly simple, brunettes were described as independent, intelligent, and self-sufficient. In the work environment, they were thought to be competent and reliable.

It all came down to opportunity. When the brunette was maturing in the school environment, she did not project the glossy superficiality of her lighter-colored peers. She had the time and opportunity to get down to business, and she usually did so, developing her inner qualities and her education. The blondes and redheads may have racked up more dates during the school years, but the brunette was the woman everyone respected, and ultimately everyone wanted to marry or to hire.

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