Extraordinary Hairstyles

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The extraordinary hairstyle is the hair that amazes and attracts the most attention, without appearing ludicrous. In many cases, it has been the invention of an amateur. Professional stylists are always trying something new, but they usually keep it as a variation of what already exists. The truly new, and extraordinary hairstyle does not have to be anything garrish -- with artificial attachments and abnormal colors, nor should it simply be a re-invention of something old. The truly extraordinary hairstyles are natural outgrowths of the decade in which they were invented. For example, as women became more productive in industry, they required hairstyles that could easily be protected from machinery, with the result that the long flowing tresses began to disappear once the woman was of working age. But even during her enterprise, the woman needed to attract a mate, so she wanted something that was in no way man-like, maintaining her unique femininity and suggesting her youth. A good example were the short pigtails that predominated in industrial societies, giving the woman safety, attractiveness, and youth all in one.


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This page hopes to show some inventive hairstyles that appear from time to time.


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