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   frizzy hair   

When frizzy hair decides to attack, it is primarily caused by a moisture deficiency, including a lack of water and oil. Once the frizzies attack, your hair is more subject to split ends and the electrostatic effect. Just ask your cat when you walk along a furry carpet, and greet her by touching her on the nose. By leaving your hair natural for as many years as you can, without treating with strong chemicals, especially those in coloring, simple brushing, combined with your natural oils will defeat the frizzies and give you that natural shine. When your hair is in good condition, the cuticle layers of your hair are tight together, not separated like dried-out onion bulbs. Hair that is in poor condition will have cuticle layers that are raised and damaged, and as a result the ability of your hair to retain moisture will be reduced. With good porosity, your hair is smooth. With poor moisture-holding power, your hair has that fragmented look that gives rise to the frizzies. Coarse and brittle hair fails to reflect light making your hair appear dull and lifeless.

Curly-haired individuals have a cuticle layer that is by nature upraised, making curly hair feel coarse and brittle and lacking in shine. With irregular condition, your hair is like a limp rag rather than a tight and perky sponge, a sponge that can retain water and give rise to hair with body and health. Don't think that hot oil treatments are the answer, as most oils cannot penetrate the individual hairs, causing them to leave a residue build up. When the hair can no longer breathe, your problems simply worsen. Moisture cannot get beneath the coated layers and the hair cannot be conditioned. With the inability of the oils to disperse equally, you can wind up cooking your hair in the sun. Look for shampoos containing humectants that have the ability to attract moisture, working hand-in-hand with your natural oils. Protein conditioners can then be applied to assist in repairing the cuticles. The overall elasticity of your hair can be restored to almost original condition.


Be wary of treatments that remove moisture from your hair in order to establish color or hold. Bleaches, hair dyes, and perms are the culprits. With the damage comes the dreaded split ends and hair shaft breakage. If you cannot restore your frizzy hair with one or two attempts, you would be well advised to consult a hair specialist, especially if you have experienced the onset of multiple problems. Sometimes what looks like a good solution in the short term, fails in the long run and sets off a chain of events that create even greater problems down the line. Consult a beauty specialist. It is well worth the time and money.

frizzy hair frizzy hair frizzy hair


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