Hair Mistakes

You only have yourself to blame when it comes to common hair style mistakes. These are the ones that occur again and again. Probably, the most common culprit, is overdoing it. The idea, is that if it is good and usable, then do it more, and if at first it doesn't work, overwhelm your hair with treatment. Any treatment simply evolves into abuse, when done to the extreme.

(1). Don't color your entire hair again and again. At the salon, the stylist has likely lightly retouched the roots when they have grown through and then refreshed the ends. By doing the entire hair repeatedly the color can be uneven and the ends are over-porous. Then the ends will become dried out, making them harder to style and easier to split. Try to apply the color only to the new growth of roots, spread the color through the rest of the hair just briefly (only a few minutes), then shampoo out.

(2). Use the right styling product for your hair-type. If you have fine hair and you are trying to avoid the flat look, then why do you apply heavy gel which only serve to had weight? Gel is best used thinly at the roots to lift the hair, then comb it outward to reduce frizzy hair and to give you a wet look. Even though Mousse is light, it tends to be applied too heavily. Don't drench the hair, just "encourage" it with a small amount brushed evenly throughout the hair. Always hold the can of hairspray at least a foot from your head and use momentary spritzes to once more "encourage" results, rather than to drench and cause build-ups. If the product does not seem to be working, don't hit the nail with a bigger hammer, maybe it's your chosen style that isn't suitable to start with.

(3). When setting hair on hot rollers, don't remove the rollers and then immediately start to brush. It is the heat that dries the hair, causing it to temporarily reshape itself, but it is the cool air that captures the shape. Wait for the rollers to cool before removing them. This also applies to blow drying. Once you have the desired shape and consistency, then switch from hot to cool to set the hair style that you have composed.

(4). Getting into a rut when it comes to style, is a common problem. Remember the Seinfeld episode that features "Wendy", the girl with the big hair of the 1960s? Go to any shopping mall and play the retro game. Look for the the older woman who is still attempting to wear her hair in the pageboy of her youth, or the long hair of her teenage years. As we age, our faces and bodies change, and the hair style must mature along with us. This doesn't mean that you have to choose something dowdy and old-fashioned, but it does mean that you have to be willing to relinquish your tried-and-true lifelong style. It doesn't hurt to experiment, in moderation, and with the help of an experienced stylist. Quite often the change will be overwhelming to those who have defined you, but they will get used to the change, and will soon forget what you used to look like. Remember, that the style must suit the face and personality, and you are no longer Gidget on the beach.

(5). Getting the latest fad hairstyle. In the 1940s, Veronica Lake was all the rage, and every lady wanted the style, whether it was an engineering possibility or not. There is a cute movie from the 40s which parodies this fashion trend at a school dance, when youngsters barely in their teens all appear as little moppet Veronica Lakes with their long golden tresses. You may admire the look of a Jennifer Anniston, but sometimes you have to give it a break. When Bo Derrick bounced over the beach in her braided hair in the movie "10" who would have thought that the artless mimics would be popping out all over, including the likes of recording artist, Stevie Wonder, all with beaded braids. Too cool, is often unsuitable, and can be too funny. These days the shags have overwhelmed us, and they can be right for the right face and hair, but when done to extreme, they appear odd, and that second look you are getting is not necessarily because you are being admired. They could be sizing you up to invite you to join the local freak show.


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