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Long hair has for centuries been the crown of beauty for women and girls. A myth grew up about long hair, that it would grow faster and longer and even healthier if it was cut frequently. The myth arose when it was found that men's face and body hair would grow thicker the more it was cut. The same can be true of a woman's leg hair and moustache.

In the case of women, cutting hair frequently, or even shaving it down to the roots will not make it any longer, thicker, or stronger. The difference is between the man and woman, and the location on the body. Even a man's hair on his head will not benefit in any way from being cut frequently.

If you want long hair, then grow it long, and treat it gently. Be moderate and regular in every way, from washing it two or three times a week, to restricting the number of unnecessary chemicals you apply to the hair. Avoid changing the color. The only useful treatments are your shampoos and conditioners.


Watch your hair closely for signs of trouble - from dryness to the frizzies, and especially to split ends. Keep your life balanced too. It's the best thing you can do for your hair. Regular fresh air and exercise, along with fresh fruits and vegetables will keep you healthy and happy.

Avoid smoking and excessive drinking. If your long hair is lustrous and manageable, it can remain that way for the rest of your life. As you age, you will see changes like color loss and a tendency to dryness, so it may be in your better interest to keep it shorter later on.

For the early years and prime years of your life, there is no reason that a luxurious mane of long hair cannot be your crowning glory and your trademark. You don't have to sport it long all the time, but be careful of your choices in trying to seek variety. Dreadlocks, braids, and anything else that tightens and stresses the hair can injure the follicles. Try to keep your hair dos and your hair treatments as simple as possible.

There are those who would advise that you maintain a regular daily vitamin dose, but there are others who might suggest that natural, unprocessed foods will go a lot farther to maintaining your long and healthy locks. There is that unknown factor that only fresh food straight from the farm exhibits. It has a vibrancy in natural fresh food that cannot be matched by fast foods, processed foods, and soft drinks. As the years go by, too many toxins in your body will take their toll on your hair, skin and overall youthfulness.

It isn't that long hair is the objective in your life. It is that a long, healthy, lustrous growth of hair is a measure of a healthy lifestyle.

long hair long hair long hair


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