Nine Common Hair Myths

  hair myths  

(1)Blow Drying Your Hair will cause you to lose it

Anything in excess is bad, so washing and hairdrying too often will dry or burn the hair and contribute to split ends, but you won't lose your hair, which is more a result of your levels of stress and the balance of your nutrition.

(2)Brush your hair for ninety strokes each night to encourage growth

The nightly brushing ritual will neither harm nor encourage your hair. You may see an increase in shine, but you can just as easily see an increase in split ends. If you must add a ritual to the evening procedure, combing will be gentler.

(3)Frequent haircuts stimulates growth and volume

No advantage nor disadvantage. Hair is thicker at the base, so shorter hair seems to be thicker.


(4)Hair Coloring causes hair loss

You can harm your hair with frequently-used and improperly-used chemicals, but you will not lose your hair.

(5)Excessive solar rays will destroy your hair

The sun acts like another kind of chemical. It can lighten your hair and even dry it out, but you would have to irradiate the skin which holds your hair follicles to damage hair growth.

(6)Stress can cause permanent hair loss

Stress can be very significant in causing temporary hair loss. But when the source of your loss, usually in patches, has been identified, then corrections to your lifestyle are in order. Your tresses will bounce back like happy puppies. The same stress relief campaign will aid your skin tone and hormones.

(7)Tight hair dos, like braids and cornrows cannot cause hair loss

Wrong. The condition of hair loss has been observed in subjects who have employed the technique of tightening their hair over long periods of time. Choose looser styles that do not stress the hair follicles and allow the scalp to breathe.

(8)The more shampoo you use, the cleaner your hair

Use only the amount that allows you to create a lather so that you can gently massage the scalp. More shampoo neither helps nor hurts, and is just washed down the drain.

(9)Sharing combs and brushes is a harmless habit

Would you like to share your toothbrush? Never share a comb or brush with friends or family. A child can be exposed to head lice and the parasites can be readily transferring to other children, and even to adults. Do not store hair grooming utensils together. Wash your brushes and combs frequently. Never share with anyone. Keep an eye on your children to make certain they haven't developed any bad habits that can open the door to scalp parasites.

hair myths hair myths hair myths


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