The Ponytail is for the busy girl, who wants her hair out of the way, or the more mature individual who is trying to get her hair to behave and wants to look professional in a rush. The Ponytail hair style is probably the easiest to create. Pull the hair back loosely and gather and hold with a clip or elastic. Let a few strands fall loose at the sides to frame the face, and you will have a style that is both appealing and mature.

To create a more sophisticated look, dry the hair straight with a blow-dryer, pulling it over your crown toward the back as you go. Massage a small portion of molding gum through your hair (from root to tip), and brush your hard back into a firm ponytail. Conclude with a light touch of holding spray. If you can use a colored clip or snag-free bands rather than a rubber bands, you will be kinder to your hair,as you will have less breakage of the strands.


An alternate look, is the single or double ponytail. Create a single ponytail for that cute Chrissy Snow look (Suzanne Somers in "Three's Company") or try the Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) look for that younger and even cuter look. Both looks can be varied with a higher binding to give the impression of dog ears or a lower binding to emulate the schoolgirl look.

You can create many imaginative finishing touches with the basic ponytail for starters. Using a curling iron or hot roller, bouncy springs can be added to the sides instead of loose strands. If you decide to splay the ends, by using wax on the ends of the pony tail, the look becomes even more attractive. You can even take a section of your own hair and wrap it around the top of your pony tail. With a colored clip or strand of hair, wrap it around the top of your ponytail to create a complex contrast in both color and texture.

ponytail ponytail ponytail


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