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The prom hairdo is likely the most difficult of all choices, even more so than the wedding hairdo. Both events, prom and wedding are of major significance in the lives of the young lady. But with the prom, the young person has less resources and less experience, and the prom style has the greatest chance to be handled ineffectively.

It is a good idea to match your high school prom hairstyle to the gown you intend to wear, so get the dress and all the accoutrements like shoes and gloves and jewelry decided and booked before you begin making a decision on what hair is the most suitable.

There are additional events that can make the event a trial-of-passage beyond all expectations. The wise family with the concerned and caring parents will secretly perform a dry run. All materials and schedules will be established and tested, and if you have the funds even the hairstyle can be chosen and likely tested. A teenager is at risk of nerves that can cause her skin to break out. She may even have to contend with difficult parents and siblings who could easily embarrass her on her big night. So, back off parents and little brothers. Be great helpers, not great hindrances.

Often a teenager will spend more on her hair than any other part of the wardrobe (with the exception of the dress). It doesn't have to be an event that gets you into debt or stresses the family budget. It is not difficult to do-it-yourself, and in this regard, attending a pre-prom party where girlfriends can help each other to practise and evaluate their look (and even get some pointers on dealing with nails and makeup).


For your hair style choice, decide on your theme or mood, based on the dress which you should already have chosen. Are you Cinderella in ball gown white or the Hollywood mystery woman in black? Are you Daddy's little girl in chiffon, or the sophisticated glamor Queen in low-cut elegance?

Some prom hair style looks include flowing curls and updos crowned by hair jewels. If you have long straight hair, you may want to opt for the same look during the prom, making sure you have conditioned it to escape the frizzies with appropriate drugstore aids. A bit of gel can give lift and twists or assist in keeping hair in place.

If you are able to book with a stylist ahead of time and can afford the cost, it may be well worth the effort and finances. You will be able to get good advice and excellent workmanship with top quality materials, and a drop-dead look to suit your image. You will even have access to visual aids to choose the look you want.

Often you can start with a pony tail or braided look, that can then be raised and fastened with a jeweled barrette. It can also be rolled into a French twist and tightened securely at the back of your head. For the innocent look, try ringlets and flowers, but for many styles of this nature you will need to practise ahead of time. Remember that everything needs to hold together for a solid solid six to eight hours throughout the evening.

Avoid experimenting with color if at all possible. A natural look that does not remain for weeks after the event is a far safer route.

prom hair prom hair prom hair


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