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Red hair is the rarest of all, with the possible exception of pure white albinos. It is the hair that most turns the head of the opposite sex, with less than five per cent of the population blessed with the color. In many cases, the bearers of natural red hair have fallen for the underlying reputation, and demonstrate explosive and fiery characteristics.

The reputation, however, comes more from the Irish culture in which redheads predominate. When the Vikings were heading to the new land, they raided Ireland and kidnapped many Irish women, which then became a large part of their genetic makeup, and remains to this day significant in Scandinavian countries and Iceland.

The really tough redhead has a wiry curly hair and is equally blessed by an abundance of freckles. She is considered by some to be the "alternate blonde" or the "new blonde" as she is thought to be a cross between the stable but moderate brunette and the giddy and oftentimes unstable blonde.


The redhead wants to have fun and to be noticed, and it's a lot easier for her. She has the choice of many suitors and doesn't have to do much chasing. She is strong and energetic and rarely is there a redhead who appears weak and disadvantaged. She doesn't need anyone to carry her books or open doors, but she is no scowling feminist.

The redhead is one of the ancient ones, coming from one of the lost tribes. The color lends itself to many other colors and styles, and the quality of the hair is shiny and sometimes iridescent.

The beauty who has chosen to become red is a study in social myths. She has become dynamic and mysterious upon adoption of the colored tresses. Watch for a new redhead to develop and project a personality that even she was unaware that she bore. Where the majority of women may seek the innocence and gentleness of a blonde, the choice to become a redhead is a strong flag to the romantics.

red hair red hair redhead


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