Hair Restoration from Hair Loss

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When it comes to gradual or abrupt hair loss, the key to solving the problem is to understand that there is always a cause, and infinitely advanced medical treatments. The reasons are varied, and there will be significant differences in the causes depending upon gender. Because the loss in men is primarily genetic and can for the most part be corrected by replacement techniques, it is not the subject for this page.

Women can also experience female pattern baldness or alopecia, which is equally a condition which they have inherited from their family. But there are oftentimes factors which are temporary and infinitely easier to reverse. These events have been increasing in modern times due mostly to the increase in stress in women's lives. More and more women must earn a living in the dynamic corporate world, once the domain of men only. With an increase in tension, there has been an equal increase in stress upon the nutritional health of women's hair and skin. In the demand to look her best all the time for her daily business life, the woman has been willing to accept new and unproven chemical processes which can, over a period of time, subject her skin and hair to abnormal stresses.


For the woman who is constantly in a hurry, she has often bolstered her chemistry by alkiline substances, from nicotine to caffeine to even just the high adrenaline and cortisol results of rarely resting and rarely taking a vacation. The human body was not designed for the high key corporate world, and as time progresses, and as nutrition suffers, the first signs will appear often in the hair, which is a form of excretion. Tests on hair often show high levels of toxic substances that have come from what we have eaten, and when combined with dyes, ammonia, and quick conditioners, not to forget blow-drying and straightening stresses, have all combined to result in an environment that the hair con often times simply not tolerate.

Some women may appear to be immune to both business and chemical stresses; whereas, others have sensitive systems and structures and will often show the early onset of hair loss. There are also bacterial causes that come from careless sharing of hair care products and the reduction of the body's natural defenses from vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

It is absolutely critical that upon the first discovering of changes in your hair's health, that you seek out qualified medical advice. Your general practitioner can get you the reference that you need for a hair loss specialist, whose first job will be to conduct detailed scalp, nutritional, and lifestyle examaminations to accurately pinpoint the cause of your loss.

Once the cause has been identified, whether abuse from lifestyle or influenced by your genetic history, then the appropriate solution can be enacted.


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