Shiny Hair

  shiny hair  

Shiny hair can be accomplished with a variety of techniques and products, starting with brushes made from natural bristles, not the harsh and scratchy nylon. Natural bristles have small, overlapping layers or scales which clean and add luster to the hair. The cushioned bed allows the brush to contour to the shape of your scalp. This allows you to avoid pulling out hair during the brushstrokes.

Obvious commonsense rules, include never brushing wet hair, especially when it is tangled. Wet hair will stretch and break easily. If possible, try to wait for six to eight hours after your shampoo in order that the natural scalp oil will have had a chance to accumulate.

When you brush, perform each long stroke starting at the scalp and extending all the way to the ends in a single motion. Your natural oil, which is produced in the hair follicles will not only soften the hair but will also protect it. By brushing from the roots to the ends, you are distributing the sebum evenly throughout each strand. This is more important, the longer your hair. If you didn't brush regularly and correctly, your entire hair would not receive its equal measure of oil, especially at the ends where it can be most needed.


Before you brush, first use a comb to remove tangles, especially true if your brush seems to be always picking up a lot of hair and having to be cleaned frequently. You will lose some hair, as this is natural, so don't be surprised. Brushing not only distributes the protective oil, it also removes any particles, such as dust, dirt, and hair spray buildup. This is guaranteed to add shine. Imagine how your shoes respond when first they have been brushed and cleaned, then oiled, leaving them shiny and protected.

For curly hair, you are safer to use only combing, especially if you appear to be picking up a lot of hair in the brush. Check with your hairstylist to find out what is best for your quality and state of hair, whether the strands are fine or thick. Even the amount of oil that your hair produces is a factor in considering whether or not to engage in excessive brushing of your hair. The overall health of your hair can be evaluated by a good hairstylist who can then recommend the correct tools, products and techniques for generating a healthy and shiny body of hair.

shiny hair shiny hair shiny hair


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