Solia Hair Straightener

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Solia produces the Solia hair styling ceramic ionic flat iron with a dynamic alignment system that ensures a perfect contact between your hair and the ceramic plates. By distributing the heat evenly across the plates, your hair can be treated safely and effectively to produce silky, straight hair. First, decide if you hair needs the lower temperature (for bleached, fragile, or damaged hair) or the higher setting (coarse, healthier, or thicker hair). Plug in the unit, switch it on, set your temperature to low or high, and wait until the LED begins to blink rapidly. It takes about half a minute to reach the chosen temperature.

The Solia Ceramic tourmaline hairstyle flat iron uses ion technology to produce a far-infrared heat along with more negative ions which are gentle and effect on any hair quality to reveal hair without frizzies and causes little or no heat damage. The units come in four sizes, starting at 3/4 inch, up to 1 3/4 inches, for extra thick hair.


The Solia Hair Straightener is inspired by the precious stone, tourmaline which generates up to six times more negative ions when the ceramic reaches its chosen temperature. Because of the far-infrared heat and extra negative ions, the hair is treated quickly, effectively, and very gently. The pair of plates in the dynamic alignment system allow them to self-adjust for a perfect contact between the hair and the plates. This prevents hot spots and pressure points that would otherwise damage your hair. The Solia hair straightener can be used on damp hair or dry hair, with contoured handles that are easy to grip. Units can be found by contacting your local hairstylist and can sometimes be found on Ebay.

solia hair dos solia hair dos solia hair dos


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