Thick Hair Tips

Adding volume to limp hair, especially those with historically delicate follicles, can be easier than you think. Some common techniques will work in most cases, giving not only the desired thickness, but also adding bounce, body, and shine. The style and the length of the hair can always be a little bit thicker, or at least to appear voluminous, even if the reality is not what it seems.

Start with the cut, keeping the length ranging from the shoulder to the chin. Shorter hair will make your mane appear depleted, and longer hair can awkwardly emphasize that lean and hungry look. By establishing maximum body, this will make your hair appear thicker, and it doesn't hurt for a style that includes layering. The next step is to consider varying the color. If you opt for a less permanent treatment; for example, demi-permanent, these treatments will coat the surface of the strands, adding a thickening to the surface, which will ultimately thicken the hair. Of course, there is always a permanent color, containing ammonia, which roughens the cuticles, causing an effective swelling. You will feel as if you have more hair. The final composition effect is to take advantage of optics. Add colored streaks (just a brief shade of variation, nothing gothic, only a shade or two off your natural shade). This will create the illusion of depth, dimension and texture, which ultimately generates the overall appearance of greater volume.

For extra assistance, especially in the shower, make certain that you choose a shampoo and conditioner that are engineered for fine hair. These volumizer formulas will prevent your hair from being weighted down, that would otherwise create the effect of limp, lifeless hair. If your hair is especially fine, then condition only the ends on a daily basis and once a week, condition the entire hair and rinse thoroughly. For lots of body and shine, make certain that just before you finish your shower, you seal the last of the conditioner into the hair. You do this by lowering the hot water and letting cooler water encompass your hair for about five seconds. You hair will squeak and retain shine and body thereafter. If this is not enough, then keep a small spray bottle, prepared in advance with a tablespoon of vinegar in a few cups of water. Spray the entire area after shampoo and conditioner have been rinsed off, then let it set and rinse thoroughly. A healthy after shower glow will manifest. After you towel the hair, use a small puff of mousse for a light hold; never use heavier gel. First blow-dry the roots, adding any fine-hair styling aid, and drying upwards. Your last efforts will be to shape the ends with a rounded brush, and in this manner you will achieve maximum height and volume. .15hqqsz.


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