Hair Tips

  hairstyle tips  

1. Do not adopt the latest trend fashion if it does not suit your hair. It can only lead to hair damage, if it is unsuitable for your hair type.

2. Squeeze dry your hair before letting your hair air-dry or before using a blow-dryer. Rubbing vigorously with a towel is hard on both the hair cuticle and the hair ends at a time when the hair is the most vulnerable, that is, when it is damp.

3. Trim your hair about every six weeks. Since the tip is weaker than the root, it is more apt to suffer split ends or breakage. Trimming regularly and frequently will maintain hair condition and appearance.

4. Limit your blow-drying to removing most, but not all of the moisture. To blow-dry until completely dry can overheat your hair making it easy to break and removing its natural shine. Hold the blow-dryer at least a foot or more from your scalp to prevent an intensity of heat.


5. Wash your hair regularly but no more than three times a week. The daily washing of hair will denude your hair of natural conditioning oils, leaving it brittle and dry. If you have oily hair, use the appropriate ph-balanced shampoo, and do not massage your scalp vigorously, as this will overstimulate the oil glands. If you have a dandruff condition, use a gentle anti-dandruff shampoo on an occasional basis.

6. Avoid leaving shampoo and conditioner in your hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly after each washing.

7. Seek professional diagnosis for hair and scalp problems. A wrong diagnosis by yourself, will lead you to purchasing the wrong products and engaging in the wrong treatment that can only magnify the problems.

hairstyle tips hairstyle tips hairstyle tips


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