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The wedding is the showcase for the updo, and although it is true that bridal hairstyles should reflect the bride's personality and style, the question is 'Who is to make that judgement?' The art of the hairstylist is in itself vast, subjective and unique. Who you choose and what his/her reputation can make the determination. You can still pick something out of a magazine, but make certain that your hairstylist is as much a partner as any good health practitioner should be. Gone are the days of the medieval professional who makes the choice for you. Brides want a balance between fun and beauty, too much of the former achieves silliness, to much of the latter can appear unnatural. Of course, long hair is more suitable to varying elegant styles and creativity. But, even if you are stuck with a short hair style, make certain that you incorporate at least one wedding gown detail into your hair, such as braiding, fabric twists, or curled designs. Also study the texture of the gown. The quality of the hairstyle will often complement the shape of the dress. If the gown is a heavy-weighted fabric, then you may experiment with a hairstyle of knots and curls.

If your curls are natural, work them into the overall shape. Don't try to suppress or disguise any attributes you may have. But remember that you will be in environments where the temperature may not always be controllable, so pin your curls into place so they don't decide to droop or adjust themselves when you least expect it. Medium hair is suitable to a headband or tiara, or even tucked back and held behind with a decorative clip. The hair can be worn up, but make certain you have a talented hairstylist or you will be ready for a stint in the funhouse rather than the center of attention at your most important occasion. Of course, if you know the wedding is months away, you have plenty of time to prepare, practice, and even let your hair grow longer.



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