Shampooing and Conditioning Tips

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Avoid using shampoos that strip hair of natural oils and leave it dry.

If you have short, straight hair, with no chemicals added, give your scalp and hair a good massaging for maximum circulation to the follicles without damage.

For long hair or color-treated hair, do not scrub or heavily massage while shampooing, and don't use too much shampoo. Your hair and scalp will cleanse readily without damage to hair cuticles from rough treatment. You should lather up at least twice and even three times, making sure to rinse well between each lather and massage.

End the cleansing session with a regular conditioning routine, opting the majority of times for a deep conditioning with a long absorption time, before the final rinse. After completion, gently press the water from your hair, first with hands and then with a towel. It is in this state that your hair is the most prone to damage. First, proceed to gently detangle your hair with your fingers and then with a wide-toothed comb. Don't ever pull the hair to detangle it.


The use of leave-in-conditioner is good to seal and protect your hair from pollutants, weather elements as well as to help prevent damage from any tool that generates heat, whether a blow dryer or a curling iron.

Avoid using mineral oils. They may appear to soften and add shine, but they are no replacement for your natural scalp oils. Mineral oils can only serve to clog your pores.

For frequent blow-drying, choose a thermal protection product. They contain conditioners and other compounds that provide a protective shield around your hair filaments that can protect them from heating tools.

Don't overlook your general health, when treating both hair and skin. The simple act of drinking lots of water daily, will allow you to eliminate toxins that can cause your general health and your hair to lose its natural tone. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables which have not been overly cooked can restore much needed vitamins, minerals, and that magic x-factor that comes from natural sun-grown produce and which cannot be provided by vitamin tablets.

washing hair washing hair washing hair


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